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what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



May I have a Ridgedog plz?


Decided to do this request too. :3

its not an ask, but a thank you for the wonderfully drawn Rythian doodle. :D <3 <3 <3

Aww, I’m glad you like it.

Haven’t drawn him in forever so it was fun to re-explore his design and tweak how I used to draw him a bit. :3

and with that I will stop doing requests for the night. It felt really good to just sketch away the evening. I might pick up a few of the requests left in my inbox tomorrow. :3

Good night everyone!

psst *whispers* draw siins


One day I will draw a serious pic of Siins… but today is not that day!


Can you doodle a happy Rythian? :D

Oh man I haven’t drawn this dude in a loooooooong time!

Are you a fan of Homestuck/know of a few of the characters? -Lorian


I’m sorry! I used to be a Homestuck fan but I fell out of it and have been unable to catch up again… but I did like Terezi.

doodle a hat films ross?


I went ahead and doodled his MC skin because I do like that beard! :3



Hey guys I feel like taking some requests for doodles. If you want me to doodle something send me an ASK and I’ll pick a few to do. :)

I need to clarify. I am doing requests yes, but I am NOT in any stream. Siins and Sticky are doing a stream right now  (?) but I am not in it. You should direct stream requests to them.

I will refrain from doing requests that are “stream requests” however if you want me to do those anyway, let me know.

Whenever people are taking requests I ask for IRL Alsmiffy. So. IRL alsmiffy?

Alsmiffy is my fav hat to draw so this request pleases me greatly! :3